Reader Area Development, Inc. is a company that I started in order to help pursue my passion and interest in renovating spaces. The scope of what I renovate is not just limited to homes. Nor is my interest in sheer profitability. I guess I just got tired of sitting back and waiting for someone else to change the environment around me, but the longer I waited…nothing happened.

The concept of what I am trying to further promote is that “developers” don’t have to be big corporations or those with large bank accounts. Citizens of towns interested in improving the places they live, homeowners wanting a better neighborhood, business owners looking to create a better business can all be a part of redevelopments. Instead of waiting for this mysterious angel of fortune to fly in and change things, let’s start looking for everyday people.

My company is as diverse as I am, and as you’ll find I have many thoughts on many subjects. This blog/website is not intended to be a handbook of any sort, but rather a collection of posts regarding buildings, business, parks, cities and other items that I feel inspired by (or feel could be improved upon). My intention is to then hopefully impact those around me so that they cherish these as well and gain a better understanding of why. Please forgive me for any spelling or grammatical errors along the way.

-Erik Reader-


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